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What is TradeDrop?

TradeDrop is an on-demand rapid delivery service for businesses who supply to the trade such as yourselves.

Using powerful delivery software, and a network of community-based, independent delivery drivers we can extend your delivery capability for your trade customers.

  • A new rapid delivery option in addition to your existing delivery service providing greater customer satisfaction
  • Complete orders which may otherwise be lost due to time constraints
  • Transparent pricing - only pay for what you use

How It Works


Order placed

Your trade customer places their order with you as normal

  • No change to your existing sales process
  • Invoice and prepare the order as you would any order

Request for rapid delivery

Your customer requests that they need their order delivering immediately

  • Use your TradeDrop supplier portal to get a delivery quote
  • Confirm the delivery

We take care of the rest

One of our delivery agents will collect the order and deliver it to your customer

  • Tracking updates throughout the delivery
  • Secure & automated process using powerful delivery software

Make bookings in the Supplier Portal

Use your TradeDrop supplier portal to book on-demand deliveries for your orders as they are required.

Confirm the price

Prices are generated using real-time traffic information to calculate the most efficient route for the delivery.

Confirm the delivery

One of our available delivery drivers will accept the order and immediately travel to you to collect the parcel.

What are the benefits?

TradeDrop quickly enables you to offer on-demand deliveries

Enhance your existing service

A new rapid delivery option in addition to your existing delivery service providing greater customer satisfaction

Network of delivery agents

Support your existing delivery staff, no need to worry about holidays or illness

Increase turnover

Complete orders which may otherwise be lost due to time constraints

Risk free pricing

Pay-as-you-go with no setup costs, subscription or additional costs for vans or insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would our customers pay for a rapid delivery, when they can collect the order themselves, or use our free delivery service?

Your customers will work out which is their best option. If they have pre-planned items they require they will order in advance for delivery or collect on their way to their job. If they are already on their job and need a missing part quickly, they will work out if it is more cost effective for them to travel to you to collect, or pay for a rapid delivery.

How much does this service cost?

Delivery prices are calculated using the distance and time to make the delivery. There are no additional setup fees or subscription for this service, you only pay for the deliveries we provide for you. You can decide to pass this cost on to your customer, mark it up, discount it, or absorb the cost yourself.

We already provide free deliveries from our own vans, why would we need this service?

This is a premium service over and above your current free delivery service where your customer needs the part sending straight away.

What are the payment terms?

We will invoice you for the delivery charges. Payments are taken automatically on a weekly basis using your provided bank details.

Who are your delivery drivers?

We source community-based, independent delivery drivers. These may be Uber drivers, Taxi drivers, couriers, or drivers working exclusively for TradeDrop.

What types of businesses use you?

We partner with a wide range of suppliers such as electrical wholesalers, plumbers merchants and other businesses who sell to the trade.

What security measures are in place?

Our delivery app has a number of in-built security measures to ensure the security of the delivery. These include a secure collection code so that you can verify the driver collecting the parcel, a secure delivery code, signature verification, and GPS tracking to ensure the parcel can only be delivered to the correct customer.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information about using TradeDrop for your business, please use our contact form to get in touch.

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